Ali Randolph - Vocalist in Burnsville, North Carolina
Reality is an original song written by Ali Randolph.
Ali Randolph - Vocals
Burnsville, North Carolina to purchase a copy of the song and video! A Big THANK YOU to Chanse Simpson in Burnsville NC for making this video happen! A special thanks to my good friend Pam Sutton- Love ya Pam! In the summer of 2010, Ali Randolph & Outta Luck went into Chris Rosser studio to re-record the Popcorn Sutton song. For the music video, they played live at a roadhouse bar called The Still, and singer-guitarist Ali Randolph shot on location at Popcorn's property and the site of his last moonshine operation. To find out more and buy your own copy of the song/video go to POPCORN SUTTON Popcorn Sutton was a legendary mountain moonshiner whose illegal likker was known around the world. In February 2008, an undercover agent bought moonshine from Popcorn on two separate occasions. At the third buy, Popcorn was arrested, and later sentenced to federal prison. Already battling health problems, and not wanting his wife to have to deal with the long drives to the penitentiary, Popcorn made life's ultimate decision. On March 16, 2009, he climbed into his famous green Ford, and ended his life. But not the legend of Popcorn Sutton. That lives on... Ali Randolph & Outta Luck Band is based in the mountains of Western North Carolina and plays throughout the Southeast. Our music is a mix of high energy country and rock. Visit our website at:
Ali Randolph - Vocals
Burnsville, North Carolina
Ali Randolph
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