Alison Schelin - Vocalist in Worcester, Massachusetts
Alison Schelin sings China Pig by Captain Beefheart
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Alison Schelin - Vocals
Worcester, Massachusetts
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Instruments Vocals
Influences Debbie Harry, Front 242, Fran Dagostino Band, The Wildcat O'Halloran Band, Andy McKee, Emmylou Harris, Hank Williams, Beth Hart, Riggagoo, Nine Eyes, Thin Lizzy, Deep Dark Robot on VH1 Please, Rte 56 Roadside Open Mic, Guns N' Roses, Mumford and Sons, New England Bloody Roots Festival, *Susan Tedeschi*, MGMT, Sebastian Tellier, Uncle Billy's Smokehouse, Mongrel | Danvers, Lady Gaga, Jerry Garcia, Ella Fitzgerald, Groove Shoes, Ana Matronic, Blondie, Grateful Dead, Lunachicks, Bob Marley
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