Alison Schelin - Vocalist in Worcester, Massachusetts
Alison Schelin sings China Pig by Captain Beefheart
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Alison Schelin - Vocals
Worcester, Massachusetts
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Instruments Vocals
Influences Blondie, Captain Beefheart, Raphael Saadiq, Lunachicks, Carole King, Stone Temple Pilots, Marilyn Manson, Guster, Thin Lizzy, All That Remains, Joe pod, Mark Ronson, Stevie Nicks, PORCH CHOPS, Bill Kreutzmann, Stackabones, The Smashing Pumpkins, Riggagoo, Sigur Rós, Peter Gabriel, Jefferson Airplane, Leonard Cohen, Moody Blues, Mumford and Sons, David Gans, The Dresden Dolls, Sgt Dunbar and the Hobo Banned, Bonnie Raitt, Nathan Dube Music, Andy McKee
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