Alison Schelin - Vocalist in Worcester, Massachusetts
Alison Schelin sings China Pig by Captain Beefheart
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Alison Schelin - Vocals
Worcester, Massachusetts
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Instruments Vocals
Influences Pittsburgh Jamband theCAUSE, YAHKEL, Amanda Cote, Patti Spadaro Band, Mongrel | Danvers, Arcade Fire, Guster, KMFDM, Edith Massey, the bird and the bee, The Conjure Beat, Sneaker Pimps, Bob Weir, Groove Shoes, Metallica, Julie Woods, Stevie Nicks, Los Monster Trucks, Primus, Raging Slab, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Muse, Manu Chao, Ghost Quartet, The Claytones, A Tribe Called Quest, Tricky, Beg, Crudbump, Mumford and Sons
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