Angel Krotnev - Guitarist in Stockholm, Sweden
Angel Krotnev hasn't uploaded any music yet. Sup with that.
Angel Krotnev
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Instruments Guitar
Influences Jason Becker, Pete Peterson, As Humanity Devastates, Periphery, CHON, Brian May, Liquid Tension Experiment, Chimp Spanner, Ludwig van Beethoven, The Safety Fire, Heights, Obscura, Gordian Knot, Guthrie Govan, Animals As Leaders, Hyperion, GregHowe, The Algorithm, Metallica, Jeff Loomis, Cynic - The Official Page, Sectu, John Petrucci, Shotgun Shitheads, Killtrox And The Motherships, Audioslave, Mr. Big, Pink Floyd, Adrian 'Bismuth' van den Bro√ęck, Paul Masvidal
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