Angel Krotnev - Guitarist in Stockholm, Sweden
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Angel Krotnev
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Instruments Guitar
Influences Spiral Architect, Urma Sellinger, Kottarashky, Chimp Spanner, Dizzy Gillespie, Liquid Tension Experiment, Freak Kitchen, Unexpect, Cannibal Corpse, motherjane, Rage Against the Machine, Gorod, Paul Gilbert, Glass Cloud, The Helix Nebula, CHON, Karnivool, Herbie Hancock, Mr. Big, Audioslave, Periphery, Gordian Knot, Sectu, Ashard, Dizzy Gillespie Sextet, Adrian 'Bismuth' van den Bro√ęck, Tabula Rasa (Band), Pain of Salvation, Opeth, As Humanity Devastates
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