Anna Sentina - Bassist in San Diego, California
My cover of A Prophecy by Asking Alexandria
Received lots of comments & props
Anna Sentina - Bass
San Diego, California
Anna Sentina
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Instruments Bass, Guitar, Piano
Genres Metal, Hard Rock
Influences Paul Gilbert, Bob Marley, Make Me Famous, Viera Band, CONTROSIGILLO, City Delivered, Mike Portnoy, Alesana, I, To Each His Own, two - WOOP! WOOP!, For the Fallen Dreams, Anchors Above, August Burns Red, CHON, Bro, Felguk, School of Rock - Vista, Chasing Norman, Official Helstar Page, Over Gravity, Luminoth, School of Rock West Coast All Stars Tour, Crash Midnight, The Contortionist, Born of Osiris, Travis Greer | Houston, Black Sabbath, Bears Among Men, Andromeda
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