Anna Sentina - Bassist in San Diego, California
My cover of A Prophecy by Asking Alexandria
Received lots of comments & props
Anna Sentina - Bass
San Diego, California
Anna Sentina
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Instruments Bass, Guitar, Piano
Genres Metal, Hard Rock
Influences At The Skylines, Radiohead, COLOSSAL, Underoath, Bullet for My Valentine, Oceans, Bli55, Supertramp, Yours Truly, School of Rock West Coast All Stars Tour, Captain! Captain! (San Diego), The Sheds, Okap, Felguk, AeneA, Meliesa McDonell, Doors, One, The Empire Within, Missing Neptune, Paul Gilbert, Amyst, The Mars Volta, Catalepsy, Rachael Brandon, Saints, Deception Falls, Blacktop Saints, DT Hawkins Music, Born of Osiris
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