Anna Sentina - Bassist in San Diego, California
My cover of A Prophecy by Asking Alexandria
Received lots of comments & props
Anna Sentina - Bass
San Diego, California
Anna Sentina
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Instruments Bass, Guitar, Piano
Genres Metal, Hard Rock
Influences Radiohead, I, Lucky Widmore, Oversoul, Wolfgang Gartner, One, The Police, Saints, Catalepsy, Dennis Is Dead, Drones, Bro, Ventilation, Pippa Hayes Jazz, Of Eden, Southern Lights (Official), Suicide Silence, Lamb of God, The Dead Weather, Three Weeks in a Helicopter, Red Light Antics, Stand As Giants, Slayer band, Vasi Hunton Music, Queens of QUEEN, The Sheds, School of Rock - Vista, Oh, Captain Fiction, Lord of War
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