Anna Sentina - Bassist in San Diego, California
My cover of A Prophecy by Asking Alexandria
Received lots of comments & props
Anna Sentina - Bass
San Diego, California
Anna Sentina
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Instruments Bass, Guitar, Piano
Genres Metal, Hard Rock
Influences Leona's Sister, Luiz Santos Music, Avarice, Pink Floyd, One, Curren$y, Adele, TX, Kicks n Licks, The Breather, I, Fury Never Fades (Official), Sprung Monkey, When We Were Gods, Three Weeks in a Helicopter, Chicks In Bands, Salvatore Sgarlata, The Devil Wears Prada (Band), Yours Truly, Textures, Adestria, The Bad Beat Jackpot, Riccardo Merlini, Saosin, Saints, Bears Among Men, Richie King, Lion I Am, Rachael Brandon, javi deathcore bug
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