Danny Hardin - Songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee
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Danny Hardin
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Instruments Songwriter, Guitar
Influences Ronnie Dunn, "Kris Kristofferson", Maggie Melville Music, Ross Key Country, Rascal Flatts, *Starr*, Morgan With 1D, Gina Miller Fan Page, Skip Ewing, B.B. King, Tuesday Hawkins | Goodlettsville, Brandon Lee Auterson, Merle Haggard, Via Linota, Little Texas, Lester Ray Sears & Tennessee Border, Kaleb Hensley, Jim Callahan Singer/Songwriter, Tim McGraw, THE HOWBOY CATTS, Graham Brennan ( Grazy ), John Maison, Adam&Aubryn, George Strait, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton, AZ, Tonya Noga Singer Songwriter, Daniel Van Dyk, Shadow Lane
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