Danny Hardin - Songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee
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Danny Hardin
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Instruments Songwriter, Guitar
Influences The Havenites | Prescott Valley, Brad Howard Music, Whiskey Red, Tonya Noga Singer Songwriter, Andrew McGee, AU, Angela Hesse, Blackfoot, Tori Skene, Tim McGraw, Johnny Cash, Emily Coulston, Jonathan Robinson Music, David Pestrak Music, C.J. Field Music, Kaleb Hensley, James Dean Hicks, Woody Guthrie, Music Begins With A Song, Giovy Jimenez, Zac Brown Band, Graham Brennan ( Grazy ), Chasing Lovely, Lady Antebellum, Willie Nelson & Ray Price, Everest, Wolfe Creek, G, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Riders in the Sky
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