Karen Lynn Handley - Tucson, Arizona
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Location Tucson, Arizona
Instruments Ears
Influences Darius Rucker, Greg Koons and The Misbegotten, Brad Paisley, The Rolling Stones, Randy Owen, Tina Turner, Michelle Nixon & Drive, DEPARTURE: The Journey Tribute Band, Jeff Bates, Bridgette Tatum, David Bradley, Chris Cagle, Garrett Walker | Nashville, Alice in Chains, Bonnie Raitt, TX, Susan Boyle, Coldplay, Offical_ David Stone Fan Page ", Lisa Marie Presley, Mark Allan Atwood, Billy South Band, Sonia V., Kenny Lee, Clinton Gregory, Keith Lowman, Brett Hill | Decherd, Whiskey Six, Megan Linville, Jadi Norris Face to Face
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