Karen Lynn Handley - Tucson, Arizona
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Location Tucson, Arizona
Instruments Ears
Influences Tracey K Houston (Classic Country Singer), Madonna, Callaghan Smerek, Dream Chemistry, WOUND2TIGHT | Tucson, Billy Currington | Nashville, Lucy Angel, Wild Widow, Kelsey Stroud, Brandon McHose | Austin, The Rolling Stones, Mercy Me, Hunter Price, Korn, Amy McAllister, Kowboy Roc | Nashville /Athens / Atlanta, Jackson Browne, The Hillbenders, Christos DC, Sean Patrick McGraw, Sparrow | Calgary, Mark Phillip McGhee, Exit 40 Band, Brent Amaker and the Rodeo, Roger Daltrey, Steven Weiss, Ryan Hammer, TX, Johnny Cash songs, Shauna Burns Music
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