Claudio Casanueva - Music Composer / New York City
The Land of the Titans . Music composed , performed and produced by Claudio Casanueva . @ 2012 .
Received lots of comments & props
Claudio Casanueva - Synthetizer/elecronic keyboard/hammond piano
New York, New York
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Genres New Age
Influences Eric Pina (Artist Page), Brindl, Spirits Of Another Day, Laura Lacroix, Maggie M'Gill, Jemma Willard, David Carrett, Shak Getem ($hak G), Karess, MC Holy Ghost, Trapecio, Hitherside, Jay P. Williams, TroubleSquad Big Jeff, Patoirlove, Maria Brodskaya, Jaye D Marie's music and cartoons, Darrell Wayne Band, Schneejuttchen und die 77 Zwerge, X, Arjen Lucassen German Street Team, Velcro Mary, Calum Duell, Cradle of Haze, YoMama, Jey C, Geena B. & her Valentines, Annika Vitolo, Portia Monique, Riley Roth
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