Claudio Casanueva - Music Composer / New York City
The Land of the Titans . Music composed , performed and produced by Claudio Casanueva . @ 2012 .
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Claudio Casanueva - Synthetizer/elecronic keyboard/hammond piano
New York, New York
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Genres New Age
Influences Viima, Ricky Berger, Steve Lightbody Trio, cellojoe, Black Cat, Franklin Manor, The Ricky Morse(SweetLeef), Triffaz, Signo Nata, Arista Paxton Fan Page, luigipatchwork, Catalina Toma, Katarina Maggistro, Rick Millward Songwriter/Producer, SALT, TerriMcPhailChiasson, Linda Marlowe, Chris Denker - Official Music Page, Nova Rockafeller, The Lance Houston Jazz Quartet, Kayla Adams, Also Eden, Monica Chapman Band, Fredericton, I AM MsDestiny, Black Lung Denver, "Treasure, Daniel Willy, Maná, Chaka Khan
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