Claudio Casanueva - Music Composer / New York City
The Land of the Titans . Music composed , performed and produced by Claudio Casanueva . @ 2012 .
Received lots of comments & props
Claudio Casanueva - Synthetizer/elecronic keyboard/hammond piano
New York, New York
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Genres New Age
Influences Ben Aaron, PRO, Ahlwyn Concept Acoustic, Joseph Grieve, ChordSlinger n Lola, Chris Carpenter Music (official), StellaFlesh, Kate-Margret, The Holyshoes Blues Band, Jana Mashonee, Xenophanes Productions, Jon Ware, Geena B. & her Valentines, Cris Sky, Eagles Songwriter Jack Tempchin, Susan Buchanan " Mr. Crazy & Other Tales", J. Austin | Atlanta, Neil Dawson's Music Page, Linda Marlowe, Peg O'Neill- O'Neill's Music Studio, Ashley Moore, Jessica Hannah Mcneil, Alan Pettifer, Ally T Music, Jay P. Williams, Celina J Music Support Site, The BluesHounds, Trapecio, iiO, Laura Marie
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