Angel Michael- Dvahyu - Songwriter in Calabar
Angel Michael- dvahyu hasn't uploaded any music yet. Sup with that.
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Location Calabar
Instruments Songwriter
Genres Reggae, R&B, Gospel
Influences Brenna Vick, Gatas Parlament, Aline Barros, LISA GAIL, T. Spitta, NOAH PINE, Adam Levine, The Electric Era, A Nice Vibe, Chance & The Lucky Aces, Poor Man's Fame, Fogtongue, Lowskee Beatpage, Ermi Ciccone, Blonde Redhead, Paige McCauley (Fan Page), Amy Hill Ministries, The Vine That Ate The South, Ignition Beats, Iamthe Futureof Femalerap, Keith Scott Trio, Dlyric, Jayesslee, Nico D, Lara George, Eddie Ray Franks Jr., KEV HutcH, New Music, Damares, MARCHI ISAACONOKAH
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