Angel Michael- Dvahyu - Songwriter in Calabar
Angel Michael- dvahyu hasn't uploaded any music yet. Sup with that.
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Location Calabar
Instruments Songwriter
Genres Reggae, R&B, Gospel
Influences Hulligans, Evanescence, Pete Rock's Petestrumentals, Ryn Chibi "Rynism Fc", Official Outcome, Van Halen, Kim Kematt Official, Moonlight Towers, WONDER GIRLS, Pride of Puppets, Roky Erickson, Zander Ashe, Rebel Gel (Melodic Rock), Resin Dogs, Jaron Davis, Bud Buckley, BajoceroTuluz, Church Boy Entertainment, Viviparous, Natalie Royal, LISA GAIL, Danielle Wehr, Plastikman (official page), ROSES FOR GRACE, Gigi Dover & Eric Lovell, &(THE GRACE DANA & SUNDAY), Fogtongue, Narcotic Da Great, Bracher Brown, Dahlia Ashley Music
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