Angel Michael- Dvahyu - Songwriter in Calabar
Angel Michael- dvahyu hasn't uploaded any music yet. Sup with that.
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Location Calabar
Instruments Songwriter
Genres Reggae, R&B, Gospel
Influences Billy Joe Shaver, Diamond Plate (Official), Kira Zeroshiki, Fog Dogz, ElephantMan, Resonance, Shroommate, True Vine Connected, Fogtongue, The Midnight Wait, All the Little Pieces, Classical Music Humor, MCL Music, Audrey Assad, TonyFernandezMusic, Electro_Nomicon, Irby Beats, Wilde, The Plaids, CHAPPA JAN, Cailyn, Natalie Grace Chua, The Mighty Good Boys, Shine Shine Shine, Beach Fossils, David Bowie (Official), Chastity Brown, Rasta Fatty, Jessie LaRae Fan Club, ExploderaMera
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