Angel Michael- Dvahyu - Songwriter in Calabar
Angel Michael- dvahyu hasn't uploaded any music yet. Sup with that.
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Location Calabar
Instruments Songwriter
Genres Reggae, R&B, Gospel
Influences the Hero?, Eclipse Rocks You, Nate Flynn, KnockOut, Cyndi Lauper, Selina (sparrow) noble, MBPTunes, 500 Miles to Memphis, Mav of sol camp, Luped Up Records, Cale Moon Official Fan Page, Rdio Plenitude Gospel, KOUADJA, LISA GAIL, Amy Rose Music, Pearl, Denver Duncan, Xarl instrumentals, Dinsmore-Callard Music, Brad Paisley, Rita Hardt and the Rhinestones, Donald Lawrence, Chris Carrabba, VaShawn Mitchell's Triumphant Zone, Dead Man, Jeff Hancock Music, New Profession, Secret Concept, Curley Washington, Hope Has Failed Us
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