Stan Kebel - Guitarist in Miami, Florida
THE INVENTURERS - "Doomsday Play" + stereo remix 5-21-11
Stan Kebel - Guitar
Miami, Florida
Stan Kebel
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Location Miami, Florida
Instruments Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Songwriter
Influences Led Zeppelin Official, Pat Travers Band, Gregg Allman, Dave Bricker, Joe Satriani, Genesis, Yes, Frank Marino, Korn, Dream Theater, BB King, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Micky Dolenz, Jeff Berlin, Chuck Berry, The Derek Trucks Band, Tom Waits, Warren Haynes, Iron Maiden, The Official Fan Page for The Mighty CORNERSTONERS, Birdman's Clambake, Mike Portnoy, Alice Cooper, Snoop Dogg, Audio Disturbances (1986-1997), Stan Kebel, Criminally Overlooked Guitarists, Ted Nugent, Phish, Led Zeppelin
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