Kathryn Lombardi - Gonzalez - Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Influences Michael Bublé, The Vandals, Cannibal Corpse, Wesley Willis, Street Dogs, They Might Be Giants, Deals gone bad, The Skatalites, Make Way For Skunklings, The London International Ska Festival, Red Line Rebels, The Replacements, Aretha Franklin, Riki Rocksteady (& The Arraignments) | Boston, ROY ELLIS AKA MR SYMARIP, Cro-Mags, theLie, Eazy-E, Mark Leonard | new london county, Chess Records, R.E.M., Ramones, Ironsides, The Foo Fighters, 50 Cent, Fucked Up, Old School Hip Hop, Ducky Boys, The Living Deads, Glenn Danzig
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