Kathryn Lombardi - Gonzalez - Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Influences Wu-Tang Clan, Laurel Aitken, The Old Brigade, MADBALL, Eazy E, Acaro, With A Bullet, The Skatalites - Jamaican Reggae, George Jones - The Possum, No Turning Back, Descendents (Official), OH, Old Crow Medicine Show, Mastodon, Ducky Boys, Keith Richards, OI, The Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, INTHESHIT, LARRY AND HIS FLASK, ROY ELLIS AKA MR SYMARIP, Blondie, KISS, Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival, Bugs and Rats, Bim Skala Bim, Cheap Trick, Cock Sparrer Official, Koffin kats
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