Kathryn Lombardi - Gonzalez - Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Influences Ace Frehley, FayaMenace (Meni Square) 2012 | Amsterdam EU, Fresh Prince, 70's and 80's Punk, Morris Day and The Time, The Damned, Soulshot, El Grande, Riki Rocksteady (& The Arraignments) | Boston, The Dubliners, Henry Rollins, Primus, INTHESHIT, Stars & Stripes, Suicidal Tendencies, Have Nots, Slayer band, Ella Fitzgerald, Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival, Roots & Razors Soundsystem, Dr Dre, Motorhead, Fantastic Liars, Tragedy, Bastard Child, Waylon Jennings, They Might Be Giants, The Roots, Eli Paperboy Reed and the True Loves, Pogues
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