Ksen - Pianist in Minsk, Belarus
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Location Minsk, Belarus
Instruments Piano
Genres Classical
Influences Midnight Conspiracy, Flat Affect, Todd Terje, Digitalism, Vladislav Delay, Je deviens dj en 3 jours, NINA TENDO, Autechre, I Set My Friends On Fire, Ade Fenton, Sound Of Stereo, Skinny Puppy, Starscream, Goodbye Blue Skies, FIGURE, Sulumi, Ungertron, zet., BLAM LORD, Lost Years, Electric Youth (Official), Mark Ronson, Andreas Dorau, Knuckle Down, minusbaby, Plastikman (official page), Ben Ivory (Official), YMCK, MODESELEKTOR (OFFICIAL SITE), JD Samson & MEN
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