Lashonna Pinnon - Vocalist in Carbondale, Illinois
LaShonna Pinnon hasn't uploaded any music yet. Sup with that.
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Instruments Vocals
Influences Mountain Sprout, Midnight Run, The Southbound Band, Pink Floyd, Brent Stewart / Everybody Makes Mistakes, MercyMe Music, Jason Mraz, Shadi Frick, Funkadelic, Keith Urban, Susan Boyle, When Someone Tells Me to Lower the Volume, Bone Dry River Band, The Temptations, George Harrison, Steve Hornbeak Music, Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson, Lady Antebellum, The CreekDwellers band, John Lee Hooker, Tracy Lawrence, Casting Crowns, Funk & Soul, Tim McGraw, The Supremes, Royal Pain, The Beatles, Missy Higgins, Keyshia Cole, Norah Jones
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