Lawrie Ingles - Keyboardist in Toronto, Canada
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Lawrie Ingles - Guitar/bass/songwriter
Toronto, Canada
Lawrie Ingles
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Location Toronto, Canada
Instruments Songwriter, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Lyrics
Influences Max Brand & The Shiney Blue Shirt's Band, Jaimie Vernon, Charlie Parker, Steve Earle, Bradley and the Bouncers, Dave Borins, Journey, Nick Lowe, INCOGNITO PROMOTIONS & MANAGEMENT, Kings Of The Midway, KISS, Floyd Factor, Mandippal Jandu, Geddy Lee, Emmylou Harris, Danny Michel, Arthur Renwick Music, Freddie Mercury, Hall & Oates, Aynsley Saxe | Toronto, ON, Klaatu, Annie Lennox, The Rolling Stones, The Darkness, Kristen T. Clark, Mike Deyo, Don Ross, Moby, Elliott Smith
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