Lawrie Ingles - Keyboardist in Toronto, Canada
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Lawrie Ingles - Guitar/bass/songwriter
Toronto, Canada
Lawrie Ingles
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Location Toronto, Canada
Instruments Songwriter, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Lyrics
Influences CamronCreative - the Music of Ron Camilleri, Mazzy Star, Foo Fighters, Bottle Rockets, Cheap Trick, Cheaper Than Therapy, Mike Robins, John Lennon, Rehan Dalal, Darrelle London, Toronto Blues Society, Janis Joplin, Ariana Gillis, ON, Sass Jordan, Gordie "Grady" Johnson, Don Ross, SAGA, Elvis Costello, Shiv, Iggy Pop, Dwight Yoakam, John William Coltrane, Steve Vai, Mozart, The Ground Floor, Billy Joel, Queen, Clarence Clemons, And Jack Bruce
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