Mykill Von Pagan - Bass - PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 ~ Sex, Drugs, Formaldehyde
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PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 ~ Sex, Drugs, Formaldehyde
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Instruments Bass
Influences the band, Bassists will one day rule the world, Sabaton, Jetboy, The White Stripes, Melvins, Suffocation, Mötley Crue, SLADE - Glam Rock 70's, Dr. Chud, Dirty Penny, Wendy O. Williams, Vaudeville Freud, Rock on the Range 2011, Acid Eye, KrashCity Magazine, The Dwarves, Vertical Coffins (Official), the B Movie Monsters, MN, RATT, Children Of Bodom, scream before dead, Dark Funeral, Ludwig van Beethoven, White Zombie, LORD ZiON (Official), King Diamond, - Prong -, Jezebel In Hell
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