Mykill Von Pagan - Bass - PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 ~ Sex, Drugs, Formaldehyde
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PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 ~ Sex, Drugs, Formaldehyde
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Instruments Bass
Influences GG Allin, Hank 3, The Who, Los Morts - Horror Punk, Dont Wake The Dead, Ravenous, Metal Pulse Radio, Bauhaus, Dr. Chud, Mötley Crüe, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, Second Chance at Eden, the band, The Cure, Vince Neil, Cannibal Corpse, Hello! Jersey, David Bowie (Official), Corrosion Of Conformity, Ludwig van Beethoven, Dead N' Wasted, Jesse Blaze Snider, William "Bootsy" Collins, Sharlee D'Angelo, Poison Ivy, Tim Pierce Guitar, Stone Dead Forever, Noizee, Skeletone Surf Group
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