Mykill Von Pagan - Bass - PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 ~ Sex, Drugs, Formaldehyde
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PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 ~ Sex, Drugs, Formaldehyde
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Instruments Bass
Influences Vince Neil, Satyricon, All American Nightmare, Lux Interior, Emilie Autumn, The Film Music Of John Carpenter, Jamey Rottencorpse and The Rising Dead, Bill Steer, Wendy O. Williams, Villains Of Vaudeville, The Cure, Titanium Black, Asphalt Valentine, Suicide Lane, The Offspring, Acid Eye, the B Movie Monsters, Spires of Altum, Randy Piper, Shocker, TheMonkees, Pumpkin Slut, Motley Crue, Poison, Luse Lixx, WARRANT, System of a Down, The Dwarves, Emperor, Shotgun Surprise | Brookville
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