Mykill Von Pagan - Bass - PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 ~ Sex, Drugs, Formaldehyde
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PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 ~ Sex, Drugs, Formaldehyde
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Instruments Bass
Influences Mick Mars, Jayne Dracula, Blacklace, We Want to Alex And Clare in Blitzkrieg, Wolvesbeard, New Wave Of Swedish Sleaze Metal, Amon Amarth, Black Cat Rebellion (Official), Quiet Riot, Graveyard Greaser Gang, UT, Noizee, Queensryche, Switchblade Syndicate, Sabaton, Bad Witch, Bad Habit Band - Cincinnati Ohio, Metal Pulse Radio, Joey Belladonna, BEHEMOTH!, Arch Enemy, Blondie, Faster Pussycat, Satyricon, Suicide Lane, SKULL DAZE, Kix Band, BLUE FELIX | Minneapolis, Mötley Crüe, Tim Curry
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