Ken Nitrochrome - Producer in Toronto, Ontario
Ken NitroChrome hasn't uploaded any music yet. Sup with that.
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Location Toronto, Ontario
Instruments Electronic Production
Influences Outworld, Bruce Cockburn, BiTTERSWEET, bossFYTE, Neil Blackwalk Music, CIRCA, Sexfist, Picket fences country / rock band, Helix, The Jimi Hendrix Experience Official Page, Nikkole, The Tragically Hip, MI*LA, 'DRiiVEN' | Toronto, Kirby Sewell, Triumph, Die Blind, Fred Spek's CaMp CoMbO, Franz Joseph Haydn, Pagan Ritual, Genesis, ON, Amoeba Starfish, Red Rider, Alannah Myles Black Velvet, The Otherside, Jona Leigh | Queen Creek, RUSH, CHRIS BOTTOMLEY, Boards of Canada | Stillwater
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