Ken Nitrochrome - Producer in Toronto, Ontario
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Location Toronto, Ontario
Instruments Electronic Production
Influences Robbie Robertson, Makeda Taylor, Nick Hellfort, Jaco Pastorius, The ClockWerk Orchestra | Toronto, JJacob music, skid row !!!, BC, D R ii V E N, Matt Minglewood, CATALYST, Headpins, Tangerine Dream, Alanis Morisette, Fred Spek's CaMp CoMbO, Charles Mingus, Bob Dylan, Gowan, David Wilcox Canada, Jo Hamilton, Norbu Netlabel, Max Webster, Kenny Shields and Streetheart/The Official Site, Swastika Grrrls, The Stevie Ray Vaughan Experience, Amoeba Starfish, BiTTERSWEET, James Taylor, Jimmy Page, Pluckin Rite
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