Ken Nitrochrome - Producer in Toronto, Ontario
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Location Toronto, Ontario
Instruments Electronic Production
Influences Jo Hamilton, Picket fences country / rock band, bossFYTE, Lenka Lichtenberg, Herbie Hancock, Melissa McClelland, ena vie, Nader Kachmar, David Bacha Band | York, Mozart, Natalie Janz, Annie Dressner, Kenny Shields and Streetheart/The Official Site, Netty Mac, JJacob music, The Blind Surgeons Operation, PATRIZIA, TUNERs GROOVES, Trooper (Official), D R ii V E N, music by marta, 8 Digital, Makeda Taylor, WolfSong Studio | Davisville, Jimmy Page, NJ, All The Trendy Kids, Dr Zoo, Liona Boyd, Circular
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