Ken Nitrochrome - Producer in Toronto, Ontario
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Location Toronto, Ontario
Instruments Electronic Production
Influences Sudden ObscuritY, TASA, CIRCA, Robert Haley, ARMADA / Al Serrani | Stratford, MIA SHEARD, Barenaked Ladies, CADILLAC BILL & THE CREEPING BENT, Edgar Froese, The ClockWerk Orchestra, I Hate Country Music, musician, Autechre (æ), Tascam 388 studio 8, The Spoken Word, Matt Minglewood, Trooper (Official), Nick Storring / Piege, THE MAHONES, Bob Marley, ELENA KAPELERIS, Frank Sinatra, Frederick the Churchouse Comic and Spoken Word Fan Club, BOX FULL OF CASH (OFFICIAL), Headpins, STEMM, Swastika Grrrls, Andy Kim, AU, NJ
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