Don Lowe - Guitarist in Sherman, Connecticut
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Don Lowe
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Instruments Guitar
Genres Folk, Country, Blues
Influences Hope Machine, Producing and Promoting, John Hiatt, Kenny White, Sherman Chamber Ensemble, Tom Waits, ROY BUCHANAN the greatest unknown guitar player in history, Chita Rivera, Jake Klar, Todd Snider Rules, Marin Mazzie & Jason Danieley, Elton John, Carlos Santana, Back To The Garden 1969, Johnny Cash, The Park Music, Singer/Songwriter, Drive-By Truckers, marc black music, Broadway Musicians, James McMurtry, Maura Kennedy, Hungrytown, Hudson Harding Music, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Honor Finnegan, Arlo Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Sloan Wainwright, StringFingers
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