Don Lowe - Guitarist in Sherman, Connecticut
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Don Lowe
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Instruments Guitar
Genres Folk, Country, Blues
Influences Richard Thompson, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Jason Danieley & The Frontier Heroes, Dan Lavoie, Bob Dylan, Marin Mazzie & Jason Danieley, The Blue Yodels, Arlo Guthrie, John Lennon, Bobby Keys, Donna Gentile, Brandon Kinney, Producing and Promoting, J. D. Souther, Johnny Cash, Licensed to Dream, Kinney & Storms, Danielle Miraglia, Sherman Chamber Ensemble, Jeffrey Storms, Maura Kennedy, Acoustic Cafe, Gus Amador, Todd Snider Rules, David Jacobs-Strain, The Bailen Brothers, StringFingers, Chita Rivera, Marci Geller
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