Don Lowe - Guitarist in Sherman, Connecticut
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Don Lowe
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Instruments Guitar
Genres Folk, Country, Blues
Influences Drive-By Truckers, The Pears, Laura Vecchione, Bob Seger, THE TROLLS, Dan Lavoie, Jonny Lang, Richard Thompson, Sherman Chamber Ensemble, The Blue Yodels, The Deming String Quartet, SMALL TOWN SHEIKS, Black Sabbath, Gus Amador, Patti Witten Music, Willie Nelson, Jason Danieley & The Frontier Heroes, Donna Gentile, When Cousins Marry, Hudson Harding Music, Todd Snider Rules, Doug Mathewson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Broadway Musicians, Sloan Wainwright, eric puente - drums and percussion, Jeffrey Storms, Neil Young, Chita Rivera, ELVIS PRESLEY
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