Ted Whitmore - Bassist in Roseland, New Jersey
Ted Whitmore hasn't uploaded any music yet. Sup with that.
Ted Whitmore
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Instruments Bass, Guitar
Influences IS, Matthew Garrison, Divinity Roxx, Michael Urbaniak, Tal Wilkenfeld, Lenny White Fan Page, John William Coltrane, David Bowie (Official), George Breakfast, Jimmy Vivino, Hadrien Feraud, Angel Taylor Musician, SparMusic, Corey Glover, Billie Holiday, Monte Montgomery, Mingle, Elizabeth Mis, Barbecue Bob & the Spareribs, Van Halen, Coldplay, Vernon Reid, Damon Marks, Michael Brecker, Thelonious Monk, Ed Stilles Blues Band, Alicia Keys, Alyssa Graham, Alan Scott Band, Stevie Wonder
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