Ted Whitmore - Bassist in Roseland, New Jersey
Ted Whitmore hasn't uploaded any music yet. Sup with that.
Ted Whitmore
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Instruments Bass, Guitar
Influences Gemma Genazzano, Rachelle Ferrell, One Flesh Music, Let it Slide, IS, Annie Minogue Band, Kevin Brennan, Corey Glover, Chuck Rainey, Charlie Parker, Lalah Hathaway, Here Come the Mummies, the TEMPLE of TUNEAGE, Official Kirk Franklin, William "Bootsy" Collins, Nik West, David Becker Tribune, Bryan Beller, Roadside Alibi, BassTheWorld.com, Jack Johnson, TN, Damon Marks, platinum, James Jamerson, Spectrum Road, Joy Ride, David Bowie (Official), Little Feat, Marcus Miller Tutu Revisited Tour Page
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