Jesse Rogers - Drummer in Deltona, Florida
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Jesse Rogers - Drums
Deltona, Florida
Jesse Rogers
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Location Deltona, Florida
Influences NSW, Rhythms Child, Didges Christ SuperDrum, Prodigy | Hip Hop from NY, AR, The Mud Flappers, Magicroot, That Killed Crimson | Rock from Covina, CA, CZ, The Orisha Rhythm Project | World from Deltona, DJ XTC | DJ from Chicago, Brevard Busking Coalition, Tribal Soup, Raihan Alam, The Music Mixx, GR, Talisen, David Pastorius, Seraph Falls | Alternative from San Diego, The Black Widow | Nord de France, Four O'clock Heroes | San Jose, celebrity super star weedwacker | Electronica from sydney, 357, Paul van Dyk | Berlin, T 2 baddest ting alive | sydney, Broke on Dyer, Ginger Doss, Wicked Revolution, FL
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