Jesse Rogers - Drummer in Deltona, Florida
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Jesse Rogers - Drums
Deltona, Florida
Jesse Rogers
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Location Deltona, Florida
Influences Ginger Doss, AU, T 2 baddest ting alive | sydney, wuzungu drum and dance ensemble, Franz Holzhauser | Bad Hnningen, CHIMERA | Tranovice, TR, Local 518, G. Love & Special Sauce, WORLD COLLISION, Xenicus | Huntsville, transformansion no1 CLUB CORE in tha world | DJ from sydney, Surcular Souls, IL, 357, NH, Hendersongs | Bonn, FR, Raihan Alam, Rhythm Bazaar, Lucid Druid, Ambitious Foolz, Paul van Dyk | Berlin, Mama Gina, Wicked Revolution, Jamie Hart, CH, DE, Damaged Goodz | Orlando, Magicroot
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