Nicolas Dupin - Bodhran - Scoop in the garden
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Nicolas Dupin - Bodhran
Scoop in the garden
Uploaded 11 years ago
Nicolas Dupin
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Location Héricy
Instruments Bodhran
Influences Guidewires, Lúnasa, At First Light, Steampacket, Cyrille Aimée, The Staves, Space Rivers, Karpatt, Adrian McAuliffe & Cathal Flood, YELTIS, BodhranWeekends, IrlandeTradFr, Diana Antwi Hamilton, Éalú, The Blazing Fiddles, JH, Beoga, The JPTrio, Riches of Clare, Linadenn, Trad at the Head, La Serena, Téada, Loïc Bléjean Music, Alalé, Arnaud ROYER, Moxie, Dervish, The Alan Kelly Quartet, Lumiere
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