Chris Mccomish - Drummer in London, United Kingdom
teaching at global rhythms fest 2008.
Chris Mccomish - Drums
London, United Kingdom
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Instruments Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Influences spree, PIXIES, TRIPWIRES, Southern, Cashier No.9, The Doors, Daisy Chainsaw, Andy Hull, Manchester Orchestra, DT Music, London Warehouse Events, JoyLand, WINTERHOURS, Yes Cadets, Yassassin, The Tender Hips, Hyde & Beast, The Decemberists, Ten Gallon Hat & The Big Salute, JSA, Great Captain, Chromosome Breaker, Sweet Billy Pilgrim, Pushing Hands, Twig, The Drybones, Gabriel Kain & The Ables, Keshco, BIG DEAL, Hold Your Horse Is
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