Chris Mccomish - Drummer in London, United Kingdom
teaching at global rhythms fest 2008.
Chris Mccomish - Drums
London, United Kingdom
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Instruments Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Influences Bandit The Panther, Led Zeppelin, Clockwork Era, Arcade Fire, BEAUX, New Pilgrims, Dj Gregz, Mumford and Sons, Animateddog, Local Natives, Dog Is Dead, Massive Attack, The Tender Hips, Derry Jazz Society, Stephen Street, spree, Bootsy's Rubber Band, Sweet Billy Pilgrim, Andy Hull, Thom Southern, Kissing the Pink, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Turnstile Junkpile, Gabriel Kain & The Ables, NEWRISING, Great Captain, Ma.Mentor, Twig, Brother And Bones, Funkadelic
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