Ethan Bernhardt - Pianist in Ellettsville, Indiana
Wrote this in 2010, one of my best
Ethan Bernhardt - Piano
Ellettsville, Indiana
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Instruments Piano
Influences Rowdy House Music, Shak Getem ($hak G), Chainfall, The Space Sharks, Niia, Sean Ns Abu ! Irish Song, Iceman Ja, OneSixTwo, DEMON BOY, The Talismen, Keep it Metal promotions, Cisca, YOLANDA FOXX, Cyclops Cow, Cheabu, Lesser Apostles, Didorion, The Time Bomb, Dan Status, Joy Collins, Mallisa Music, Dinner Music for the Gods, AKASIA, 1Revsconie, Mike Trem, Jasmine Holy, 321 Illy, Daphne Bonds - Singer, Marek Starx, Soakes Lonesome
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