John C. Horvath - Drummer in Merrillville, Indiana
John C. Horvath hasn't uploaded any music yet. Sup with that.
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Instruments Drums
Genres Most genres
Influences Buck Daddy, "Led Zeppelin", Dream Theater, Aardvark Aarmy, Ringo Starr, M & R Rush, 12 Gauge Noise, JET!, Judas Beast Chicago, The Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, Marcus Miller, Jeff Beck, Kyuss Lives, Shy Violet, John William Coltrane, Skafish, Good 2 Go, Guns N' Roses, Pinksideofthemoon, The Beatles, Jim Peterik's Official Page, Mata Hari, Zodiac, Metallica, The Doors, Hogtown Packing Co., SPYDERBONE, Nomad Planets, Herbie Hancock
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