John C. Horvath - Drummer in Merrillville, Indiana
John C. Horvath hasn't uploaded any music yet. Sup with that.
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Instruments Drums
Genres Most genres
Influences The Handcuffs, Kyuss Lives, Cream, Good 2 Go, Buck Daddy, FAWN, 12 Gauge Noise, Kid Rock, Pat Metheny, Jamrose, Zodiac, EPIC - A live 80's Band Experience, Timebomb Temple, Johnny Cash, Marcus Miller, Coldplay, DreamZ, The Sweet, Angelo Cicco, Team Hoss, The Resonators, Lights Out Chicago, Metallica, Aardvark Aarmy, Jack Tripper Band, Disturbed, Lady Gaga, Pearl Jam, Monk 9, Complete Chaos
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