John C. Horvath - Drummer in Merrillville, Indiana
John C. Horvath hasn't uploaded any music yet. Sup with that.
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Instruments Drums
Genres Most genres
Influences Wynton Marsalis, They All Have Legs, Charles Mingus, Lady Gaga, "Led Zeppelin", Lefty, Easystreet, RUSH, Kyuss Lives, Good 2 Go, Björk, Green Day, John Coltrane, Marcus Miller, Skafish, Joe Satriani, Hogtown Packing Co., The UNiT, Zodiac, P!nk, The Bones, Bob Marley, Retropolitan, Karen Hart Band, Jamrose, M & R Rush, Thelonious Monk, SPYDERBONE, Sons of Fishes, The Lawless Brothers
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