Morgan Phelps - Touch Guitar in Akron, Ohio
Letter of Intent - My thought revolve around you and you are teaching me I feel as though we have re-found each other And I imagine us together long ago... you know when, where, why OK that's it for now I guess I love you....maybe And I can't try to describe what I feel for you it's a mystery My forehead ticks now and again and I feel in love with you I feel an intimate link with everything but your relentless abandonment I see myself in your history but seek to confirm our "connection" I hope you feel it to My obsession with you can't be described it's like a mystery Of course we have never met And I hope that I'm not scaring you I promise this to you: I really have nothing but good intention We've become so familiar, you and I That we've been together, in my mind But your voice has become very faint so I think I'll wait down by the river... Wait to die... But when I hear your "whisper" it makes me change my mind And imagining your closeness brings me warmth inside So many letters written and not a single reply... I don't mind.... I do mind Of course we have never met And I hope that I'm not scaring you I feel hostile as I write to you But maybe anger's a good thing Adding fuel to this fire Burn, baby burn!....You and I will burn We're all moths to a flame, and we'll burn together We're all moths to a flame and we'll die together
Morgan Phelps - Touch guitar
Akron, Ohio
Morgan Phelps
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Location Akron, Ohio
Instruments Touch Guitar, Bass, Guitar
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