Tainonegro Caribe - Guitarist in Riverside, California
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Tainonegro Caribe - Guitar
Riverside, California
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Instruments Guitar, Producer
Influences Gustav, Mr. Bungle, Thelonious Monk, Jasper TX (Dag Rosenqvist), Shoppy, VerBS, Fawksie 1, Deantoni Parks, International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), Bizzart, Bodhisattva 13:20, Zero Wait Station, Mos Def Official, Hans Abrahamsen, Roots and Culture, Do Gooders, Parliament, Zakir Hussain, Apocalyptic Frequency Experience, Aphex Twin, Ziggy, ELOS, Mike Patton, Cannibal Corpse, War Drum, GB (Gifted & Blessed), Dental Work, Ras G, Afrika Bambaataa, James Blackshaw
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